Foaming Hand Soap Tablet Refill Bundle-6 Refill Tablets


This steal of a deal bundle gives you six (6) Foaming Hand Soap Tablet Refills (Coconut & Vanilla Scent) for $100. That means you pay just $16.67 per refill tablet!

Our concentrated tablets are designed to work in 3 simple steps to produce an effective, safe, gentle and long lasting solution:

  1. Fill your reusable foaming dispenser with 350ml warm water
  2. Drop in Eco-Minded School & Lifestyle Supplies tablet and wait 15-20 minutes to dissolve. Shake in between to allow faster dissolution.
  3. Wet hands and pump 4-5times to enjoy a luxurious, moisturizing lather and thorough wash. Repeat steps with a refill tablet when soap is finished.

NB: Our tablets are compatible with foaming hand soap dispenser bottles so you can keep reusing your bottle.

Reduce, Reuse & Refill to reduce plastic pollution.