Foaming Hand Soap Tablet Refill


  • NO MORE buying liquid hand soap in plastic pump bottles every month
  • REDUCE your plastic waste & consumption

Our foaming hand soap tablet refill is a new, revolutionary product that is specially formulated by us to provide a smart, green solution to the disposable plastic bottles of liquid hand soaps.

How does it work?

Our concentrated tablets are designed to work in 3 simple steps to produce an effective, safe, gentle and long lasting solution:

  1. Fill your reusable foaming dispenser with 350ml warm water.
  2. Drop in Eco-Minded School & Lifestyle Supplies tablet and wait 15-20 minutes to dissolve.
  3. Wet hands and pump 4 times onto hands to enjoy rich lather and for a thorough wash.

NB: Our tablets are compatible with foaming hand soap dispenser bottles.

Our distinct formulation contains effective, natural surfactants (derived from coconut) which actively lifts & removes viruses and bacteria from your hand. Your hands will be left feeling clean & moisturized with our premium ingredients. Our tablets are also great for sensitive skin.

Our formula is environmentally friendly and our packaging consists of kraft paper- NO PLASTIC!

1 Tablet lasts the average household approximately 6 weeks with frequent usage.