Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pad- Panty Liner


Save big in the long term and reduce your plastic waste with reusable menstrual cloth pads!

Lilypad Panty Liners are light weight and breathable and can be used for your everyday needs, inclusive of spotting, light flow or backup protection for internal menstrual products.

The liners have cotton flannel at the core and a layer of water-resistant fleece at the back and can last 5+ years.

Usage: 6-7 hours

Dimension: 7.5”long x 3”wide (excluding wings)

Maintenance: Don’t be worried about staining- rinse in cold water after immediate use and a gentle wash in the washing machine or hand wash with a delicate detergent (NO FABRIC SOFTENER). Clip to a hanger to air dry. For stubborn stains use hydrogen peroxide.