About Us

About Us:

Eco-Minded School & Lifestyle Supplies was born in July 2019, after recognizing the need for easy accessibilty to eco-friendly products in Trinidad & Tobago and by extension, the Caribbean. With the increasing number of people being cognizant of the plastic pollution epidemic and with the global shift away from single-use plastics, Eco-Minded School & Lifestyle Supplies serves to provide the eco-conscious consumer with quality, legitimate green alternatives.   

We  love participating in workshops and school outreach programmes to spread awareness about the environmental impact of plastic and to show that there are earth and ocean friendly, all natural, sustainably sourced products that can support an eco-minded, low waste lifestyle. 
Eco-Minded School & Lifestyle Supplies also takes pride in providing orders in plastic free packaging (which is an aspect that is often overlooked by many companies). This sends an important message that we are genuinely invested in reducing plastic waste overall.
Small changes can make a difference.