Hand Soap Refill Starter Kit


Make an environmentally conscious switch in your home with our Hand Soap Refill Starter Kit.

  • Includes a reusable 300ml plastic foaming dispenser (child friendly) and 3 refill tablets in the scent Vanilla & Coconut.
  • Simply fill dispenser with warm water, drop in an 8g refill tablet and wait for it to dissolve. Pump to generate a luxurious, gentle lather which will wash away viruses, bacteria and dirt. Repeat with another refill tablet (also sold individually) when bottle runs out of soap.
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients and naturally derived surfactants
  • No harsh chemicals such as chlorides, parabens, phosphates or VOCs used in the formula
  • Formulated by Eco-Minded Supplies TT
  • Tablet refill packaging made of kraft paper and aluminum

Save the environment and money by investing in this Hand Soap Refill Starter Kit!