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We supply the award-winning & world’s leading eco-friendly glitter brand- Bioglitter, through our line “Eco-Minded Shine Dust”.

Facts about Bioglitter:

  • The glitter core is made with a unique & special form of cellulose sustainably sourced from eucalyptus trees. This core in its own right possesses excellent eco-credentials; certified compostable in both industrial (EN13432, EN14995, ASTM D6400, ISO 17088) & home composting environment (OK Compost Home) & also marine biodegradation approved to ASTM D6691-09.
  • Has the same reflective qualities as conventional glitter.
  • 30-40% softer than regular plastic glitter.

Bio Glitter Sparkle (92% plastic-free):

  • Only 3% off from meeting the performance criteria for OK Biodegradable Water Certification, it is still the most eco-friendly glitter on the market apart from Bioglitter Pure.


  • The glitter is blended and packaged in 2g glass pots/glass vials with aluminium covers. NO PLASTIC INVOLVED.

Silver Lining, Mystical Turquoise, Caribbean Goddess, Scrimgeour, Deep Ocean